The zRack is an ultra-light weight Formula SAE and Formula Student steering rack. Formerly known as the mRack. It has been developed and manufactured by a team of engineers at Zedaro to be the lightest and best quality steering rack on the market for Formula SAE, Formula Student, Eco car, and other small series racing. 

Zedaro makes two sizes: 



The model numbers represent the eye span distance from tie rod mounting point to tie rod mounting point.


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zRack FAQ's:

Question: What all does the zRack come with?

Answer: Included with the purchase of the zRack:

  • (1) rack assembly
  • (1) set of clevises
  • (1) input shaft
**Mounting clamps are not included. You may purchase the clamps from us or you can make them by follow the clamp drawings in the manual.**


Question: Which way does the rack have to be mounted? With the pinion above or below the rack?

Answer: The zRack can be mounted either way. It makes no difference to the performance or longevity of the rack. Keep in mind that front steer cars (Meaning the tie rod connection to the upright is in front of the axis of the wheel) the pinion has to be ran under the rack. For rear steer cars (Meaning the tie rod connection to the upright is behind the axis of the wheel) the pinion has to be ran on top of the rack. If you do not follow these guidelines, your car will turn left when you turn the steering wheel to the right, and vice versa.


Question: What sizes of rack do you offer?

Answer: Currently the shown sizes above are the only two available. The size of the racks are measured by the clevis eye to eye length. The only differences between the two are the eye to eye length and the mounting span of the rack. The ratio and travel are the same.


Question: Can I get a custom size made?

Answer: There are limited customization possibilities at this time. It is possible to get a custom eye to eye, but it will cost up to $600 extra. At this time you can not get a custom ratio or longer travel. 


Question: What material is the rack and pinion made of?

Answer: The rack and pinion of the current version are made of aluminum (previously titanium). The Zedaro designed tooth profile and special coatings significantly reduce the stress in the teeth, allowing the rack and pinion to be manufactured out of aluminium. Several years of dynamic and static testing have proven the strength of the teeth. 



zRack 262 user manual         1MB

zRack 358 user manual         1MB

zRack 358 SW                    11 MB

zRack 358 IGES                   2 MB

zRack 262 SW                   16 MB

zRack 262 IGES                   2 MB